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Noise can be a nuisance while excessive noise can also be a serious risk to your health. If you are on the receiving side of too much noise, it can be frustrating and distracting. If you are the one causing the noise, the problem can result in conflict and it may even get you into bother with the local council. Then there is the issue of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), a condition that cannot be reversed. Importantly, 91 percent of sufferers developed the lifelong condition after being exposed to excessive noise in the workplace. Our range of HushTec products provides a solution. We have noise reduction products and noise barriers for any situation or application.



  • Acoustic Specifications: RW23, STC23,

  • Absorption NRC0.9

  • Weatherproof, for outdoor & indoor use

  • Flame Resistant

  • Velcro connected for minimal noise leakage

  • Tensioned Eyelets for added install points

  • Standard Size : 2000mm tall x 1300mm wide
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